My First Post: Get to Know Me

Hey there, I’m Rose! Many of you have known me as the main voice of Coffee Lovers Canada on Instagram (now Latte Living, hurray!) over the past year. Recently, I’ve been wanting to share other sides of me and my life. I also want to write longer posts and show more pictures beyond the constraints of Instagram. I used to write a lot when I was younger and I want to reignite that passion in myself.

So, this is me. A Business student living in Toronto, but with endless wanderlust. I just want to travel! I do love coffee, but there are many things that I love even more.


I’ve had a passion for photography even as a young child, but it has been less than 2 years since I got my first (big girl) DSLR. We’ve been attached ever since! Every single week I work on a new photo project. I have an 80 week streak already, and I’m not slowing down. My camera and lens are simple and only now am I beginning to upgrade to better things. I need to step up my game!


I was born and raised in this city, and although I lived around the world for a few years (a story for another time), I always returned back to my home. Before I left, I had no idea how incredible this city is. It’s bursting with colour and flavour and a different story on each corner. There are always places to go, and events to experience! I will be trying to blog about as many events as I can possibly go to. And there are a lot.


Lattes have become my signature drink and I’ve embraced that. After all, I named this blog after it, didn’t I? I want to give you a peek at all my favourite coffee shops. The beautiful, the cozy, and the modern. (And is it ok if I order a different drink once in a while?) But, besides all of the cafes, I would love to share all of my favourite neighbourhoods, student hangouts, and brunch spots. I’m going to take you along on all of my travels and write about my OOTDs as they happen. (My style literally=comfy) I’m excited to get started!

I hope you’ll enjoy following along on this journey as I regain my love for writing and share all of the secrets! Feel free to contact me with any comments and questions, and check out my social media links if you would like to connect with me. (I love getting to know new people, so don’t be shy!) Keep latte living, Coffee Lovers, and I’ll talk to you soon!



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